The role of a scheme administrator

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  • Looking to set up a registered pension scheme and want to know what is required of a scheme administrator of a SSAS? Or thinking of changing your scheme administrator or becoming sole scheme administrator of your SSAS? A clear understanding of what the role requires is essential.

    What is a scheme administrator?

    The term “scheme administrator” is more than a reference to the person carrying out the day to day administration of a registered pension scheme. It is a role define in legislation and with it comes certain responsibilities and liabilities. A clear understanding of what the role requires and the knowledge that will be needed to carry out the role is essential.

    Our concise guide provides a summary of the core duties of a scheme administrator and the type of information that must be monitored and reported to HM Revenue and Customs. It also covers the penalties a scheme administrator could be liable if they fail to carry out their duties or the registered pension scheme fails to comply with HMRC requirements.

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