Successful Investment Strategy

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  • Successful investment strategy for pension schemes: a three-step approach

    Pension fund investment is undoubtedly one of the most challenging elements of a trustee’s role.


    A fully-funded scheme with enough money to pay pensioners’ benefits when they fall due.


    To help you meet this target in the right way for you.

    But what fully-funded means for each scheme, and the timescale in which to achieve it, varies greatly, which means that investment strategies need to vary too.

    A robust investment strategy for a pension fund does not happen overnight. It requires careful planning within a structured process.  But trustees needn’t worry about doing that alone.  Our clients enjoy a relationship based upon a unique partnership approach.  We work alongside the trustee board or investment committee, sharing views and helping trustees make informed decisions.  Our services are tailored to your scheme’s unique requirements, big or small.

    In developing investment strategy, we break the process down into three key stages: planning, asset allocation and implementation.