Why do we have a SSAS Allowable Investment Schedule?

Our SSAS clients frequently ask what investments they can or cannot make within their SSAS. There is a huge range of investments that SSAS trustees can in theory invest in. However our experience as a professional trustee and Scheme Administrator suggests that it is wise to not allow certain investments and conduct in depth enquiries in other cases.
We now publish our SSAS Allowable Investment Schedule. We also administer some SSASs where we do not act as professional trustee. Whilst trustees of these schemes will ultimately be able to make their own decisions about potential scheme investments, we believe that they should consider our Allowable Investment Schedule as a useful benchmark for a prudent scheme investment mandate.
Both our SIPP and SSAS are trust-based schemes, and trustees have a legal obligation to act in the best interest of the member(s)/beneficiaries at all times.
In order to undertake this successfully our briefing note looks at these key areas: 
  • Due skill,care and diligence 
  • Taxable property
  • Limitation of losses
  • Fraud mitigation 
  • Recognition of trusts


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Learn more about how our SSAS Allowable Investment Schedule provides a useful benchmark for formulating a sensible scheme investment mandate.

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