CSEM: Is it a silver bullet for explorers?

"[CSEM] relies on the difference in the electrical resistivity between oil - and water-bearing sediments beneath the seabed... Hydrocarbon saturated sediments display higher resistivity than water-filled sediments. This observation has been used for decades by the borehole logging community to confirm oil in place."

But is controlled-source electromagnetics (CSEM) technology the new answer to solving the old problem of avoiding dry holes? Can it really define oil and gas deposits offshore below and help explorers to pinpoint the sweet spots for exploration and production wells?

In this briefing note we look at what CSEM is, current progress and developments in seismic technology and address key questions such as:

  • how can the new technology be integrated into the Exploration workflow?
  • which technology is most appropriate for which geological context?
  • how much value could the technology add compared to cost?