Climate change: the time to act is now

In this paper, we explore the pivotal moment as climate-aligned investment takes centre stage in company pensions. As the government consults on measures embedding climate change into pensions law, we take a look at what’s coming next for schemes.

This briefing note covers:

  • What’s coming (and what we reckon) - Taking a look at the Department for Work and Pensions consultations published in August 2020 and January 2021, we can see what’s coming next for governance and sustainability in UK pensions.
  • Managing the transition to Net Zero - It’s been clear major change is coming in the way we look at climate change across the whole economy, including for pension investments.
  • What will trustees need to do? - A seven part summary list of actions that trustees need to action. 

Overall the insights and processes explored, will help trustees evaluate the way in which climate-related risks and opportunities may affect their strategies, empowering them to adapt and respond.

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Find out how Amanda can help trustees plan ahead and adapt and respond to the climate-related risks thrown their way. 

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