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The rollout of vaccines to combat the Covid-19 pandemic is offering a glimpse of a welcome return to normality. But could this also usher in a new period of sustained inflation which threatens the value of some assets?

Since the impact of the pandemic began to be felt across the world in early 2020, governments and policymakers have provided unprecedented levels of monetary and fiscal support in order to prevent economic collapse.

But as the global economy starts to return to some level of normality, many fear rising price levels could have a devastating impact on the real value of some assets. At the same time, other assets could offer valuable protection in the face of inflation.

So, are these fears justified? And what are the different protection strategies which investors could employ?

"We can see that inflation is increasing globally and could be a forecast of where the UK economy is heading. The cause of this sudden rise in inflation is, as most things these days, linked to the pandemic and the response of policymakers to it."

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