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Spotlight on Longevity

Published by Dave Grimshaw on

Is the UK alone in experiencing a rapid slowdown in mortality improvements?

The slowing of mortality improvements in the UK in recent years has been widely discussed. In this Spotlight we compare recent mortality in the UK to a large number of European countries.

Our analysis of European data shows that the slowing of mortality improvements in recent years has been widespread, but has been particularly large in the UK and Ireland.

Our Longevity services team produces regular commentaries on topical issues in the management and transfer of longevity risk known as 'Spotlight on Longevity'.

To obtain copies of Spotlights, or for more information, please contact the author.

About the authors

  • Dave Grimshaw

    Dave advises UK insurance and reinsurance companies on the financial issues around managing longevity risk.

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  • Jon Palin

    Jon advises a range of clients on longevity. This includes base mortality assumptions and variations between different populations, and mortality projections, including stochastic models.

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