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Briefings: August 2014 Archive

Spotlight on Longevity August 2014: Which mortality assumptions matter most?

We analyse the sensitivity of pensioner and annuitant liability values to mortality rates and mortality improvements at different ages to assess which ages matter most.

PATHways 43

Our Pension Administration Technical Help highlights pensions news and legislation that has particular interest to what we do in Pension Administration.

Investment strategy for charities

Charities can have very different investment needs to other investors, particularly in terms of the certainty, size and nature of their future income and expenditure.

Is your charity thinking with clarity?

Barnett Waddingham’s team of highly capable and enthusiastic investment consultants can help your charity’s investment committee to review their objectives and monitor their investment strategy.

An introduction to Liability Driven Investment

A short introduction to Liability Driven Investment (LDI) for trustees of defined benefit pension schemes

An introduction to the new Fair Deal

The new Fair Deal guidance, effective from October 2013, removed substantial barriers that previously prevented many firms from competing for public sector contracts.

Independent Providers of health services: NHS membership for previously non-qualifying staff

The NHS Pension Scheme considers an employer an Independent Provider if it holds Standard, APMS, or local authority NHS contract. Since April 2014 IPs are able to apply to become an Employing Authority in the NHSPS.

Current Issues in Pensions Financial Reporting 31 July 2014

Our latest Current Issues in Pensions Financial Reporting newsletter is specifically aimed at those involved in the preparation of pension disclosures of University Self Administered Trusts (SATs).

Cessation Valuations and Contribution Certificates - some tweaks required?

In this briefing note, we look at what we believe administering authorities and employers would like to be able to do in dealing with outstanding employer liabilities at exit, what the regulations may allow, and what the solution may be.

News on Pensions July 2014

In this month's News on Pensions we look at: TPR: Funding defined benefits, Defined Ambition pensions, PPF news and TPR: 2014 annual record-keeping survey.

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