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Blog: August 2017 Archive

We do look back in anger, MPAA

James Jones-Tinsley looks at the time it is taking for legislation to get through Parliament.

KIDs for PRIIPS – you need to talk to your investment manager!

Scott Eason explains why you will need regular data from your asset manager to produce KIDs for PRIIPS

FTSE350: Barnett Waddingham's Annual Review

Our annual review of the pension obligations of FTSE350 companies highlights the volatile environment in which many companies are operating.

SFCR - Section A - Business and performance

The first public submissions of the Solvency and Financial Condition Report (SFCR) for the majority of firms were published in late May this year. In this series of blogs we present the key findings of our analysis of each section of the SFCR.

BBC and IBM: Questions of trust and duty

The Court of Appeal has ruled in favour of two employers after amendments in their defined benefit pension schemes were challenged by scheme members. Tyron Potts explores the lessons employers and trustees can learn from the cases.

Is pension tax relief reform off the menu? The proof is in the pudding

Malcolm McLean explores the further reform of pension tax relief on the present government’s agenda.

Moving of State Pension Age

Last week’s announcement from the Government told us that the state pension age (SPA) will rise to 68, seven years earlier than previously planned, which for most did not come as a surprise.

Putting their foot in it - Opperman and Gauke’s faux pas

James Jones-Tinsley explores the fall-out from a General Election which inevitably involves a game of musical chairs; masquerading as a Parliamentary reshuffle.


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