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Blog: July 2014 Archive

Cybergeddon, Fiscal Crises and Natural Catastrophes - Global Risks 2014

The risks faced by society today may require greater attention due to the interconnectedness of the world that we live in. Unlikely incidents, such as 1-in-200 year events are no longer that remote or unimaginable.

MH17: Confusion extends to the insurance industry

In the aftermath of the initial shock, confusion over what happened and who is responsible has extended to the insurance industry with experts disagreeing on which policy will pay out and who may be liable.

Pensions passport ‘time has come’

Malcolm McLean comments on the possibility of the introduction of a ‘pensions passport’ to help individuals keep track of their pension pots.

Statements from Treasury and FCA provide detail on pension freedoms

The various statements from the Treasury and the FCA this morning have provided more detail on the pension freedoms announced in the last Budget.

No ban DB to DC transfers welcome news

The government has announced today that it will not ban members of DB pension schemes from transferring into DC schemes, but will require members to receive regulated advice before they transfer.

Reaction to FCA's third thematic review of SIPPs

Andy Leggett comments on today’s FCA thematic review results and news of its letter to SIPP firm CEOs regarding 'unacceptable' due diligence failings.

Good news for employers looking to manage DB liabilities

A note about the government response to the consultation on freedom and choice in pensions, focusing on the announcement that transfers from DB to DC schemes will not be banned.

Universities – what will the PPF’s consultation mean for you?

The PPF have recently announced their intention to adopt a bespoke model for assessing insolvency risk in the 2015/16 levy calculation and beyond.

Auto-enrolment success could be the ‘lifeline’ the annuity market needs

Today's Pensions Policy Institute (PPI) report shows that 8.5m people could be newly saving in a pension by 2030. Could auto-enrolment's success be just what the ailing annuity market needs?

Restricting DB transfers – will they or won’t they?

A note about the anticipated government response to the consultation on freedom and choice in pensions.


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