Reviewing trustee effectiveness

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  • Kathryn Foster

    Kathryn Foster

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    Mandie Bird

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  • An effective board is essential to achieve trustee focus on the areas of key strategic value which will make a difference. 

    Like any successful business, a pension scheme needs an effective board in order to achieve its strategic aims, comply with legislative requirements and have content members and engaged scheme sponsors. 

    In preparation for the The Pension Regulator's new Code of Practice for pension scheme governance, we believe trustees should start reviewing their board effectiveness now. If you have not recently carried out a trustee effectiveness review, now is a good time to schedule one into your trustee business plan. This will be a great springboard to get you in the right governance mind-set to address emerging issues that will form the final new Code of Practice.

    This briefing note covers:

    • Why it is important to carry out a trustee effectiveness review and the benefits to trustees
    • How our GAPS survey is used to assess the individual views of the effectiveness of the board
    • How trustee boards can use the review to gain tangible results 

    Discover how your scheme could benefit from a trustee effectiveness review.

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