Elizabeth Renshaw-Ames's summary

This year’s annual report shows that Barnett Waddingham has dealt exceptionally well with the emerging challenges in the global pandemic, and continued to serve clients and meet their needs throughout the entire year.

In common with most businesses, we saw the need for strong leadership and governance during the first months of lockdown. Despite the many operational and commercial hurdles, I am proud that our organisation responded confidently to step forward to support those affected and to develop a clear and effective approach to managing our people and clients.

This has been achieved by facilitating a strong level of communication and engagement from our senior leadership team, as well as by inspiring our teams to challenge the norm and find smart, alternative solutions where needed.

With a remarkable 12 months behind us, we now focus on the future. While we expect the year ahead to come with further challenges brought on by the unpredictable economic outlook and uncertainties about the impact of ongoing and changing restrictions, we will play to our strengths, continuing to serve and partner with our clients and lead our people in getting things done at pace, with enthusiasm, drive and a focus on execution.

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