Helping you deliver the best outcome for members

If you’re a member of a pensions governance committee, you’ll know that good governance of DC pension arrangements is essential.

You want to deliver the best outcomes for members while at the same time reducing the operational risks of running the pensions scheme.

Our Annual Governance Review (AGR) tool is an efficient, engaging way to report on governance and provide meaningful data analysis.

It replaces paper based documentation with interactive, forward looking online reporting — enabling faster and more informed decisions to be made. 

How does our AGR tool help you?

You’re able to gain a clearer, deeper understanding of a scheme’s membership profile. So, for example, you can see if there’s a gender pension gap in your organisation and what level of bias exists. 

You can then focus your efforts to deliver the best results for specific groups, designing a strategy that will deliver outcomes aligned to your organisation’s objectives.

Our AGR tool provides independent reporting on the six key areas of DC Governance:

  • Administration

  • Investment

  • Member Engagement

  • Charges

  • Provider assessment

  • Member outcomes

You control the data

You have access to, and direct control over, your data to help you with all aspects of pension and financial wellbeing projects.

We’ll work with you to configure the tool, so that it provides you with “the right fit” for your organisation. This enables you to gain useable and informative outputs which reflect the profile of your workforce and align with your business objectives.

The tool is available 24/7, so you can use it on-demand at a time that suits you and your organisation best.

Understand your workforce

The tool enables you to gain a deeper understanding of your workforce, including: 

  • Key issues that affect employees’ outcomes at retirement, as well as information on wider financial wellbeing issues 
  • Real time analysis of what happens when employees make changes; e.g. by paying more contributions, working longer or selecting a different investment risk/return profile
  • How employees can be segmented into different groups that share similar characteristics; e.g. age, location, job role, earnings

Make more informed decisions

If you understand the profile of your members, you’re then able to make more informed decisions by: 

  • Knowing how likely members are of being able to retire form the business on an adequate income vs their projected income
  • Identifying the key factors that would influence the outcomes for members; e.g. increased contributions, retire later, reduce management charges
  • Assessing the suitability of the default investment strategy and retirement target that will deliver the best outcomes for members
  • Engaging members with relevant communications to help them understand their pension savings and what they can do to achieve their retirement aspirations

See what we can do for you

To learn more about our DC Governance technology and how you can deliver the best outcome for members, please get in touch with your normal Barnett Waddingham contact or speak to Nick Clynes.

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