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Comment & Insight


  • 5 reasons why your pension fund is not like your bank account

    The pension freedoms announced by George Osborne come with the option to draw money straight out of your pension savings. This has led to some likening pensions to a bank account, this blog gives five reasons why that is not true.

  • Lies, damned lies and statistics*

    With the regularity of the Gregorian calendar, Michael Johnson has issued yet again his preposterous ideas to radically change the essence and structure of the LGPS.

  • EIOPA has updated their website (and published 37 new papers!)

    EIOPA has been busy updating its website and releasing a multitude of papers on Solvency II Implementing Technical Standards and Guidelines. What aspects of Solvency II are covered by these papers and what are the next steps in respect of them?


  • Buy-outs, buy-ins and longevity swaps - quarter 4 2014

    The value of bulk annuity business completed in 2014 has already broken the previous record set in 2008, with the final quarter still to go. Meanwhile, two insurers may be merging.

  • News on Pensions November 2014

    In this month's News on Pensions we look at DWP (Charges and Governance in DC schemes), PPF news, NEST restrictions to be lifted, and give a Budget 2014 update.

  • PATHways 46

    Our Pension Administration Technical Help highlights pensions news and legislation that has particular interest to what we do in Pension Administration.

Case Studies

  • Asset Allocation - Risk Analysis

    In 2013 the Trustees of a Charity asked us to use modelling to illustrate possible future investment returns and volatility resulting from the Charity’s current asset allocation, and then to suggest possible alternative asset allocations.

  • Splitting inflation and nominal interest rates

    During early 2012, one of our schemes was constrained by the funding basis and the availability of contributions from the employer to the extent that it could not afford to reduce the level of risk and purchase additional protection.

  • Innovative buy-out

    We carried out an innovative buy-out for part of the Lloyd’s Superannuation Fund (LSF), a £500m multi-employer defined benefit scheme associated with the Lloyd’s of London insurance market.



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