We provide comprehensive, innovative and client focused investment consultancy services to trustees and employers of both defined benefit (DB) and defined contribution (DC) schemes in the Higher Education (HE) sector.  

We are a truly independent investment consultancy firm. We have no outside shareholders that we need to satisfy and we do not run an investment management or fiduciary management business.  This enables us to avoid conflicts of interest and leaves us free to provide bespoke advice that is suitable and specific to your scheme.

When developing an investment strategy, we break the process down into three key stages:


Asset allocation


We start by getting to know your Aims, Beliefs and Constraints – what we call an ‘ABC approach’ to setting an investment strategy.

Setting objectives

Setting objectives are a great way to get the employer engaged with the scheme.  Whilst objectives can be long term, it is very simple to illustrate expected financial impacts of differing objectives. Typically, the employer will want to get involved where discussions concern funding, contributions and fees. Objectives are key as they can affect the near-term right through to the end of the scheme.

Our innovative technology

We make extensive use of technology throughout the process. For example, one approach we take to assessing the trustee’s beliefs is through the use of an on-line questionnaire.  We also use our in-house investment model, BWARM, to help develop the investment strategy with trustees.  We can use this model interactively at trustee meetings to illustrate the impact of alternative strategies.

Our services


Services for trustees of Self-Administered Trusts

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Pensions management

Services for trustees of Self-Administered Trusts

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Pension administration

Services for trustees of Self-Administered Trusts

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