We currently administer a number of Higher Education (HE) schemes and we understand that our HE administration clients require a particular service. From our experience:

  • HE institutions tell us that they want to see the outsourced administration function as an extension of their dedicated in-house team;
  • They have a diverse group of employees with a wide range of occupations (sometimes multiple occupations per individual) and working hours to potentially accommodate term times; and
  • The modern world of pensions is complex. In our experience, HE institutions often have several of their own schemes which can incorporate defined benefit (DB), defined contribution (DC) and Auto-enrolment (AE) arrangements.  In addition to this, they will also have employees in national schemes, such as the Universities Superannuation Scheme (USS), the Local Government Pension Scheme (LGPS), the Teachers’ Pension Scheme (TPS) or the National Health Service (NHS).  This means there are a lot of demands on the time of the HE Pensions Manager and their team.  The outsourced administration service should be self-sufficient, hassle-free and add value.

We are flexible and fit our services and processes to our clients’ requirements, rather than expecting them conform to our standard model.  We personalise our services as much as possible, in terms of university / college branding, styles, formats, standard wording of letters and other documentation.  We are also happy to adopt and adapt the forms and procedures previously used if desired.

We understand there may be specific demands placed on administration caused by factors in the HE world.  For example, high numbers of transfer payments from the university pension scheme to USS following USS scheme design changes. 

We work in partnership with our clients to ensure an efficient and timely service. Unlike many of our competitors we do not hub our services, with people working on different aspects of administration operating separately.  We provide full administration services to our clients from one location.  Our dedicated teams deal with day-to-day activities including the telephone helpline (so that members speak to people who know about their benefits, as opposed to a call centre approach). 
Our flexible administration system, Penstream, can be configured to the exact specification of any scheme; this is the advantage of owning our own software.  We can capture the nuances of your membership, such as departments, multiple employments and working patterns that are unique to the HE sector.  Your data is safe in our hands.

Our experienced and qualified administrators add value by challenging established ways of thinking and working, instead of blindly following processes.  Our processes and procedures are externally audited. We were one of the first third-party administrators (TPAs) to produce an AAF 01/06 audit report. We are also ISO accredited, which ensures quality and continuous improvement.

Our high quality service will ensure the in-house team are dealing with the issues that they need to, knowing that the outsourced administration is in safe hands.

We have extensive experience dealing with HE pension teams and endeavour to add value to assist them wherever possible.  We can also provide bespoke face to face training on scheme benefits and periodic processes to enhance the all-round service given to members.

We pride ourselves in communicating the technical and complex nature of pensions in a clear and concise manner.  Pension schemes are a substantial financial commitment for an employer and sponsors are entitled to expect members to understand the value of their scheme.

We understand our HE clients require tailored communications.  Our Pension Management Consultants are able to help draft member communications including newsletters, booklets, announcements or other notices.  The communication material we offer varies according to each client's requirements. We can work with trustees to prepare a communication strategy which, if appropriate, would include a full suite of bespoke communications. 

We are also able to incorporate scheme-specific customisation by using university or college logos and /or headed paper.

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Services for trustees of Self-Administered Trusts

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Services for trustees of Self-Administered Trusts

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