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Barnett Waddingham
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Photograph of Barbara Fewkes
Barbara Fewkes
Photograph of Barry McKay
Barry McKay
Partner and Fund Actuary
Photograph of Graeme Muir
Graeme Muir
Partner and Head of Public Sector


Photograph of Ross Anderson
Ross Anderson
Associate and Actuary
Photograph of Katherine Fossett
Katherine Fossett
Associate and Longevity Consultant
Photograph of Christine Kerr
Christine Kerr
Associate and Senior Pension Management Consultant
Photograph of Louise Lau
Louise Lau
Associate and Actuary
Photograph of Ji-Hyang  Lee
Ji-Hyang Lee
Associate and Senior Consulting Actuary
Photograph of Roisin McGuire
Roisin McGuire
Associate and Actuary


Photograph of Julie Baillie
Julie Baillie
Photograph of Colin Dobbie
Colin Dobbie
Photograph of Steph Gold
Steph Gold
Communication and Engagement Consultant
Photograph of Stewart Grant
Stewart Grant
SIPP Client Manager
Photograph of Robert Hunter
Robert Hunter
SSAS Client Manager
Photograph of Steve Knight
Steve Knight
SSAS Client Manager
Photograph of Brian McGuire
Brian McGuire
SIPP Client Manager
Photograph of Matthew Paton
Matthew Paton


Photograph of Scott McGarva
Scott McGarva
Photograph of Lisa McMinn
Lisa McMinn
Photograph of Pete Smith
Pete Smith
Principal and Senior Investment Consultant
Photograph of Julie Walker
Julie Walker

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