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Barnett Waddingham
0333 11 11 222
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Photograph of Julia Bassett
Julia Bassett
Partner and Chief Executive Officer of BW SIPP LLP
Photograph of Sarah Brown
Sarah Brown
Photograph of Bhargaw Buddhdev
Bhargaw Buddhdev
Partner and Head of Executive Pensions


Photograph of John Bacon
John Bacon
Associate and Pension Administration Team Leader PPF
Photograph of Gordon Banks
Gordon Banks
Associate and Head of Investments
Photograph of Claire Barnes
Claire Barnes
Associate and Senior Pension Management Consultant
Photograph of Lucy Blanchard
Lucy Blanchard
Associate and DC Consultant
Photograph of Jon Bowden
Jon Bowden
Associate and Pension Administration Operations Manager
Photograph of Andi Buddery
Andi Buddery
Associate and Head of Marketing Operations
Photograph of Claudia Bunney
Claudia Bunney


Photograph of Julie Baillie
Julie Baillie
Photograph of Alison Bairstow
Alison Bairstow
SSAS Client Manager
Photograph of Craig Baker
Craig Baker
SIPP Client Manager
Photograph of Roy Barlow
Roy Barlow
SSAS Client Manager
Photograph of Richard Bean
Richard Bean
SIPP/SSAS Business Development Manager
Photograph of Teresa Bolognesi
Teresa Bolognesi
Actuarial Analyst
Photograph of Jannine Bower
Jannine Bower
Senior Pension Management Consultant
Photograph of Jennifer Bowes
Jennifer Bowes
SSAS Client Manager


Photograph of Michelle Bellwood
Michelle Bellwood
Photograph of Will Bennett
Will Bennett
Photograph of Chris Binns
Chris Binns
Photograph of Mandie Bird
Mandie Bird
Photograph of Amanda Bradley
Amanda Bradley
Photograph of Mandy Bridgman
Mandy Bridgman
Photograph of Tony Broadhurst
Tony Broadhurst

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