Peter Parker

Associate and Software Development Lead

Contact details

Peter leads the design and development of Barnett Waddingham's SIPP platform. He is responsible for interpreting, challenging and translating business requirements into deliverable slices of software and then overseeing design, build and deployment. 

In tandem to this he is focussed on improving the way we build software – both within his own team and the other development teams.

Peter is a practical and enthusiastic programmer, architect and technologist with expertise in software design and development, proven by a successful track record within the commercial and public market sectors. 

Peter has firm views on development best practice, encourages the SOLID design principles and promotes Aspect Oriented Programming techniques. He has experience of workflow, large-scale complex transaction processing applications, data migration projects, web services, data cleansing scripts, database performance, automation and real-time production support.

Significant experience:

  • Responsible for all development and maintenance of our SIPP software
  • Architect, designer and lead developer for version 2 of our SIPP platform
  • Leading the company wide adoption of modern development patterns and practices and promoting designs that enable loose-coupling.