Julie Baillie FFA


Julie is an actuary to a number of public sector pension funds, providing advice and actuarial services to funds of a range of sizes in the Local Government Pension Scheme (LGPS).

She works closely with the partners and associates in the team, advising on funding strategies, setting contribution rates at actuarial valuations and preparing accounting disclosures for employers participating in the LGPS.

Significant experience:

  • funding and other advice to LGPS funds
  • advice on new Academies and Free Schools participating in LGPS funds, including more complex arrangements with new Multi Academy Trusts (MATs) and MATs in multiple funds
  • provision of accounting disclosures for LGPS employers including non-standard disclosures where employers have merged or ceased trading
  • discussion with LGPS funds, other professional advisors and software providers on the continually evolving regulatory regime of the LGPS

Other expertise:

  • advice on issues relating to charities and colleges in LGPS funds in England
  • negotiations and associated calculations of bulk transfers between LGPS funds
  • advice on risk-sharing arrangements in the LGPS such as pass-through


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