Eva Grace FFA CERA

Associate and Senior Investment Consultant

Eva is a Senior Investment Consultant and Head of Sustainable Investment Research at Barnett Waddingham.

Her role as an investment consultant allows her to provide sustainable investment research which is relevant and, vitally, decision-useful to investors. It also lets her remain grounded in reality as much of what is written and spoken about around ESG is aspirational. Eva’s time is split between sustainable investment research and her investment consulting clients. This allows Eva to understand the significant constraints and pressures that pension schemes face.

The early part of Eva’s career was focussed predominantly on liability driven investment (LDI) strategies and Eva has previously been part of the LDI research team at Barnett Waddingham.

Eva currently sits on Barnett Waddingham’s research board which brings together the heads of all of our research areas to drive direction and areas of focus. She has taken the lead on educating Barnett Waddingham’s investment team on climate risk and carbon emissions metrics. Eva also represents Barnett Waddingham on the Investment Consultants Sustainability Working Group.

Eva is a keen advocate for the social side of ESG. She has always been passionate about diversity and inclusion, getting involved with various initiatives and currently she currently sits on Barnett Waddingham’s Gender Equality Network steering group. She is also a mentor for the social mobility charity, UpReach, which aims to help lower the barriers of entry into the investment industry for less-advantaged university students.

Significant experience:

  • Head of sustainable investment research
  • Advising defined benefit and defined contribution pension schemes trustees on investment strategy, manager selection and implementation
  • Providing investment services for Local Government Pension Funds and University Endowments, including setting investment strategies, ESG policies and monitoring
  • Designing and implementing liability driven investment solutions for defined benefit pension schemes ranging from sub £5m to £3bn+


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