Dave Grimshaw FIA

Partner and Head of Longevity Consulting

Dave advises UK insurance and reinsurance companies on the financial issues around managing longevity risk.

Dave has extensive experience of longevity arising from defined benefit pension schemes and in insurance portfolios, including Enhanced Annuities.

Much of Dave’s work is project-based, for a wide range of insurers and reinsurers. In addition, he is Secretary to the CMI, a subsidiary of the Institute and Faculty of Actuaries, with overall responsibility for all aspects of Barnett Waddingham’s support for this key client.

Significant experience:

  • analysing and modelling mortality by cause of death, including: 
  • producing scenarios consistent with selected aggregate projections for pension scheme trustees; and
  • a recent project to review the model used by a major insurer to set both best-estimate and ICA stress assumptions.
  • Enhanced Annuities, where we have examined portfolio experience and medical studies to advise on appropriate mortality assumptions by type of impairment (including smoking)

Dave is a frequent presenter at professional and industry events and was recently awarded the Association of Consulting Actuaries’ trophy for the best presentation for the second time in three years.


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