Colin Dobbie FFA


Colin is an actuarial consultant providing advice to clients in the public sector including funds who participate in the Local Government Pension Funds (LGPS) scheme, Police and Fire Authorities participating in the Unfunded Police and Fire schemes and Funeral Plan Trusts and Directors.

He advises Local Authorities on funding strategies for their pension funds, preparing accounting disclosures for Police and Fire Authorities and employers participating in the LGPS, and carrying out actuarial valuations for Funeral Trusts.

Significant experience:

  • funding advice to Local Authority Pension Funds and their participating employers.
  • specialist knowledge of the Police Pension Schemes and the Fire Pension Schemes
  • prepare hundreds of IAS19 and FRS102 accounting disclosures each year including complex cases involving surplus restrictions, staff transfers and settlements.
  • advice on academy conversions, outsourcings and employers who cease to participate in the LGPS
  • negotiating, calculating and agreeing a number of bulk transfers each year
  • actuarial valuations for Funeral Trusts

Other expertise:

  • providing advice on risk sharing arrangements in the LGPS
  • providing ad-hoc advice/calculations for Funeral Trusts on request
  • experience of working with funds in the LGPS Scotland as well as those in England & Wales.