Bhargaw Buddhdev FIA

Partner and Head of Executive Pensions

Bhargaw Buddhdev is a pensions actuary and he is our expert for dealing with pension taxation issues for individuals and their employers.

Bhargaw specialises in advising companies and remuneration committees on pension arrangements for their senior executives. He takes pride in being able to explain the very technical pension issues to his clients in a manner they understand and then help them to organize the pension arrangements for their senior staff in order to minimise the risk of annual allowance and lifetime allowance charges. Bhargaw also advises senior executives on their options both whilst accumulating their pension funds and when they reach retirement.

His extensive experience, clear advice and proactive approach have helped him to become a trusted consultant to a wide range of employers and their senior staff at:

  • private sector companies, including banks, insurers, small and medium sized enterprises
  • universities
  • local authorities and county councils
  • headteachers and senior teachers
  • doctors, dentists and other senior medical staff

Significant experience:

  • educational seminars and meetings with individuals on pensions taxation changes and the greater freedom and choice to be available from 2015 as announced in Budget 2014
  • reviews of pension arrangements of senior staff at various organisations, including tax efficient annual allowance and lifetime allowance planning
  • retirement planning options, including income withdrawal, phased retirement and guidance on general retirement planning issues
  • guidance on setting up unfunded and unapproved pension arrangements

Bhargaw has considerable experience of dealing with SSAS, SIPPs as well as FURBS and UURBS (Unfunded Unapproved Retirement Benefits Schemes).

He regularly speaks at pension seminars for clients and has been a speaker at the Association of Consulting Actuaries Annual Conference as well as at the Institute of Actuaries' Annual Pension Convention.


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