Aisling O’Loughlin PhD

Consultant – Risk Advisory and Analytics

Aisling leads our Real Time Decision Analytics area and works across our management consulting teams to help clients improve the performance of their organisation with insights delivered through data analytics.

She specialises in business intelligence analytics and decision science. She harnesses big data from multiple sources to find patterns and help to answer questions or identify opportunities, particularly around risks.

Her work involves the application of multifaceted computational analysis to tackle complex problems, leveraging large volumes of data to draw out insights capable of guiding better informed decision making.

Significant experience:

  • Generates compelling visual representations of complex data and builds dashboards for clear and interactive data visualisation
  • Capitalises on programming languages and interactive visualisation tools to explore, combine and analyse ‘big data’
  • Works collaborativley with colleagues across muliple disciplines to improve analytical and visualisation capacities to maximise the value added to a client’s business by enabling more informed decision making
  • Supported the delivery of our outsourced risk management model for a FTSE350 client
  • Proficient in exhibiting, discussing and delivering results, detailed conclusions and concise, straightforward summaries both in verbal presentation and in writing, Aisling has been involved in numerous publications and international conference presentations.


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