I enjoy the variety of my role as every day is different. Even when performing similar tasks for different clients, each pension scheme has their own benefit structure and complexities so there are always new challenges to overcome.

My background is mathematics and this subject is something I have always enjoyed which is why the analyst role appealed to me. Using mathematical skills, analysing data and problem-solving on a daily basis ensures my day is stimulating and interesting.

A few of the many tasks I am regularly involved with include:

  • Individual member calculations such as calculating the value of members’ benefits within a pension scheme
  • Checking and analysing data required for triennial pension scheme valuations which puts an overall value on a pension scheme in order to see if they have enough money to cover future benefits for its members. I also get involved with the assumptions, calculations and report writing for these valuations; and
  • Producing the pension scheme figures required to be disclosed in company accounts.

I have also been involved in research projects for the Corporate Consulting team and helping out other practice areas by analysing and checking their data for projects such as data correction exercises. 

There are always opportunities to develop new skills and expand your knowledge to help you progress through your career. This is encouraged by regular reviews, setting realistic objectives to work towards and training. Keeping up to date with new legislation and regulatory changes is crucial so regular training sessions, talks and team meetings are organised as there are always topics to discuss and debate. Colleagues are also supportive, everyone is approachable and your development is encouraged.

I am currently working my way through the Certified Actuarial Analyst qualification which is a new, globally recognised qualification for people in a technical and analytical role. The qualification consists of exams and work-based skills which demonstrates your ability to apply the skills and knowledge gained from the exams in your day-to-day job. Barnett Waddingham provides a great support package including a study mentor, study days and funding to buy study materials which helps with the challenges of studying whilst working full time.

Another great part of working here is the social aspect. Even with offices across the country a real effort is made to organise company events such as the annual netball and football tournaments and the Christmas Party. It’s great to meet colleagues in other offices. More locally we organise team lunches, pub crawls and team away days. Everyone is friendly and welcoming and from my first day it was clear that Barnett Waddingham cares about their employees and encourages development. This is especially shown when someone qualifies as the whole team comes together to celebrate the achievement.