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Barnett Waddingham
0333 11 11 222

Setting longevity assumptions for a forthcoming valuation

11.00 - 11.45 | Webinar

Do you have the right tools to help with understanding longevity risk in your pension scheme?  
And how informed do you feel about the latest developments in the fast-moving area of longevity research?     

As UK pension schemes mature, longevity risk is increasingly becoming the main area of exposure, but remains an area where many trustees are unsure of the level of risk exposure in their pension scheme.

Following popular seminars in London, Cheltenham and Leeds, our webinar focuses on practical tools for understanding the longevity risk exposure inherent in the business as usual operations of individual pension schemes. It also highlights some of the latest research and hot topics in longevity, that are relevant to pension scheme stakeholders with an interest in improving their understanding of longevity risk.    


* How to understand the longevity risk in your pension scheme

* The main developments and latest hot topics in longevity research  

About your hosts

Katherine Fossett

Associate and Longevity Consultant

Katherine works in our Longevity Consulting practice area where she helps clients understand longevity and mortality risks.

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Jon Palin

Partner and Senior Longevity Consultant

Jon advises a range of clients on longevity. This includes base mortality assumptions and variations between different populations, and mortality projections, including stochastic models.

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