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Barnett Waddingham
0333 11 11 222

EASA for Excel

EASA moves your Excel models into a web based system, with full database connectivity faster than any other solution

Insurers have many models built in Excel.  The models are core to helping an insurer run their business, either through pricing, risk management or finance. 

Excel is fast, widely used and allows you to build complex models.

  • But how do you share them?
  • How do you protect your intellectual property?
  • And how do you collect all that data for reporting?

EASA allows you to do just that.  You move the spreadsheet into the EASA environment using the simple Excel wizard.  And within a few minutes you have your browser ready model.  A few minutes more to connect your data repository and you’re ready to distribute.

It’s no wonder the insurers are using it for pricing.

EASA Demonstration

Understanding EASA: your questions answered

Want to know more about implementation times, which classes EASA is suitable for or the skills required?

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