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The scenario is called Pandemic - the next wave. It is an immersive exercise that tests your skills as a crisis management team in the middle of a new covid-19 outbreak.

It is designed to test your response strategies to multiple incidents. You will work with your team to protect your organisation’s reputation as this new outbreak threatens your business resilience and employee productivity.

The pandemic is a familiar and current backdrop we’re using to test specific objectives, including the ability to respond to multiple crises. Based on feedback, we believe that using this current and realistic starting point will drive team engagement and test whether there are pressure points within the team, plan and framework which may need further consideration.

Ultimately, the objectives are key to the simulation.

Yes, you can. Part of our standard package includes a step-by-step facilitator's guide for you to use. However benefits of the facilitated package include experienced challenge and ideas, together with external assurance, including a report to provide to risk and audit committees.

Absolutely. We have internationally experienced facilitators who can run the session for you.

The facilitation package includes:

  • a 30 minute pre-simulation briefing call with your facilitator
  • facilitation of the 2 hour exercise
  • a follow up report
  • external assurance that can be shared with risk, audit or other relevant committees as validation of your resilience or business continuity framework.

In addition to the cost of the simulation tool, the cost of facilitation is £5,000 + VAT.

Please contact us and we will be happy to discuss our pricing for multiple facilitation sessions to ensure you receive the best package.

The objective of the simulation is to test if crisis management plans are adequate for a new outbreak of Covid-19.

Specifically, it includes considerations of:

  • efficacy of response strategies – including adequacy, relevance and determination of whether the team can manage simultaneous crises
  • reputation and communications strategies
  • decision making / actions recording
  • roles and responsibilities of crisis team members

While there is an overarching narrative, the simulation provides injects to the scenario via various channels including social media feeds, video news stories, emails, messaging, and audio calls.

The team will need to develop a strategy to manage how they review the information they are receiving, prioritise it and log their decisions and actions.

They will be asked to respond to emails and questions, provide responses to HR colleagues, the media and potentially social media as the simulation unfolds.

The facilitator has the ability to speed up or slow down the flow of information to enable the team to feel simulated pressure appropriate to the exercise.

The more emotionally charged a learning experience is, the better it is remembered. By using high quality production values, and engaging interactive content, teams will feel the experience more keenly and therefore take away a better learning outcome.

The cost of producing such simulations is often outside the budget of many organisations. By creating a generic scenario, we are able to lower the costs of production and share the experience with a wider audience.

If you are interested in creating a bespoke simulation that fits the specific needs of your organisation, please contact us for more details.

Access to the generic scenario includes:

  • a dedicated link to the platform for unlimited usage by a single facilitator log-in for the period of your subscription
  • a facilitator's manual to enable you to run the simulation

The scenario has been designed for use in our new working environments and there are many benefits, including:

  • an innovative, behaviourally led exercise which enables learning from the scenario to “stick” and drives team engagement
  • online platform for remote or physical delivery
  • unlimited access to the scenario for 12 months – you can run the simulation as many times as you like with as many teams as needed using a single facilitator log-in
  • cost and time savings
  • engaging content - realistic, high production value injects including video footage, social media posts, web pages, calls and emails
  • can be facilitated by you or one of our team

The Crisis Simulation is available as part of the Professional subscription package to the BW Risk Portal.

You can also purchase the Crisis Simulation directly for £159 per month (billed annually £1908 + VAT).

To find out more about this service, visit our overview page

To enquire about facilitation services, a bespoke scenario or if you have a general enquiry, contact us here.

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