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  • Ian Mills

    Ian Mills

    Partner and Head of DB Endgame Strategy

  • For a DB pension scheme, the journey towards the endgame requires a strategy that is firm yet flexible. Firm enough to provide both assurance and direction at any point in time, but flexible enough to adapt to near- and long-term requirements, including unexpected obstacles and opportunities. 

    In this video panel discussion from the Pension Fund Forum 2022, Barnett Waddingham's Ian Mills, Head of DB Endgame Strategy, discusses:

    • the different endgame challenges facing large and small schemes
    • why schemes should be 'working backwards' from their ultimate objectives
    • inflation and the risks of schemes trying to 'time the market'
    • ...and much more

    Ian is joined by Mark Johnston, Trustee Director, 2020 Trustees and Tom Seecharan, Business Development, Rothesay.

    Looking to reach your DB endgame? Barnett Waddingham's DB Navigator framework offers straightforward guidance to trustees and employers, no matter where they are on their journey.

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