Barnett Waddingham: Free Thinking

Barnet Waddingham is an independent firm and we believe that independence is good for us and good for our clients.

Independence gives our firm the flexibility to build long-term, trusted partnerships. It is fundamental to our ability to give greater support to our clients, particularly when it comes to tailoring services and solutions to their individual needs. This is what we mean when we talk about free thinking

“Free thinking enables us to do the work that we do for our clients in a way where we're unfettered by external pressures,” explains our Senior Partner, Nick Salter.

"We're not required to sell our client's product. We're not required to hit particular business targets. We're free to do the right thing for our clients at all times."
Nick Salter Senior Partner, Barnett Waddingham

"Unlike many of our competitors we don't have house views that we expect everyone to follow. So when we're giving advice to clients we can give advice that actually suits that client rather than constraining them in some way. It's that free thinking that clients really value.”

Our commitment to free thinking extends as much to our own people as it does to our clients. At Barnett Waddingham, regardless of what team they are in, people are encouraged to think innovatively and challenge conventional approaches if it means finding a better way to meet client needs. This is important to us because sometimes the smallest innovations can make the biggest impacts.

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