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With Profits Survey

Published by Scott Eason on

This is the second investigation Barnett Waddingham has conducted into the with-profits investment strategies of directive insurers that are full members of the Association of Financial Mutuals.

The purpose of our investigation is threefold:

• to compare the investment return achieved by with-profits funds of Mutuals during 2014

• to understand sources of differences in returns

• to observe investment strategy trends

We hope that this report will stimulate debate within Mutuals as to whether some of the approaches taken by others may be appropriate for them. Please get in touch if you have any questions or comments.

With Profits Survey

About the author

  • Scott Eason

    Scott is Head of Insurance Consulting, responsible for managing the life and non-life consulting teams which offer high quality, great value advice and support to insurance companies in our core areas of actuarial, risk management and investment advice.

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