New product offers the ‘best of both worlds’

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Our new ‘Flexible SIPP’ product launches today, the development and launch of the Barnett Waddingham Flexible SIPP reflects a growing demand from financial advisers looking for a simple, multi-purpose SIPP product. 

Clients’ investment needs and circumstances can change over time, and advisers may find that their chosen SIPP no longer accommodates clients’ needs.  Flexible SIPP is different because advisers do not have to weigh up the pros and cons of whether to select a more restrictive lower cost 'Lite' SIPP or full bespoke SIPP with greater investment options, as the options are all available in one product.

"We understand that it is also important that advisers have access to a personal service as well."

Flexible SIPP gives access to the best of both worlds – where clients can enjoy the benefits of a quality, cost-effective SIPP, with access to a range of popular discretionary fund managers (DFM), but also with the additional option to use their SIPP to access bespoke investment options should they wish to do so.

We also realise how important it is to make management of a SIPP as pain-free as possible.  We have developed our new SIPPs Online facility for Flexible SIPP to make advisers’ lives easier when it comes to producing illustrations and making applications.  However, we understand that it is also important that advisers have access to a personal service as well.  That is why we assign a dedicated client manager to every adviser, which ensures quality and continuity of service.

As a single product with one set of terms, one fee schedule and no need for a new application, Flexible SIPP enables advisers to enjoy the best of both worlds, should a client want to make use of the greater investment flexibility available.  

Key features of the Flexible SIPP include:

  • low-cost access to a range of well-known DFMs
  • can also be used as a full bespoke SIPP, with access to Barnett Waddingham’s extensive experience of direct investment in commercial property and other bespoke investment options
  • a high-quality personal service, with a single named point of contact, to ensure continuity of service for advisers
  • simple-to-use online facilities which make illustrations and applications an easy task
  • maximum flexibility in planning for, and drawing benefits in, retirement

Flexible SIPP

The Flexible SIPP provides advisers with the peace of mind of a high quality service with direct access to a dedicated point of contact.

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