Barnett Waddingham takes on trustee administration of Origen’s SSAS book

Published by Andrew Roberts, Ian Jones on

Self-Invested Pension provider, Barnett Waddingham has agreed to provide trustee administration services to Origen’s SSAS and FURBS business of 360 clients. This is part of Origen’s plans to focus on advisory and consultancy service to their clients.

This agreement sees Barnett Waddingham’s SSAS portfolio increase to more than 1,900 schemes representing approximately £6.4bn assets under administration, making it one of the largest providers of non-insured SSASs.  Barnett Waddingham will manage the portfolio using their own proprietary SSAS administration software.

"Clients will benefit from Barnett Waddingham’s pensions expertise and service"

Speaking about the transfer, Nick Salter, senior partner, Barnett Waddingham said “SSASs remain the most flexible vehicle for business owners to save for retirement.  Advisers are seeing the attraction of high net-worth individuals having their own pension trust and we were delighted to help Origen’s advisers by taking on the trustee management of their SSAS portfolio so that they can concentrate on advice.  The move makes good sense for all concerned where it is important to have both scale and efficient administration systems.”  

Origen’s Mike Kirsch added: “This move means our clients gain access to a broader, deeper service offering, delivered by the UK’s leading pensions administration businesses.  Clients will benefit from Barnett Waddingham’s pensions expertise and service.”