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Case studies: Archive

Testing! Testing! Will your drawdown fund suffer a tax charge on your 75th birthday?

One of the important things to remember with drawdown is that your pension fund may be tested more than once against the lifetime allowance (LTA): once when you go into drawdown and again when you reach age 75.

SSAS as an intergenerational planning vehicle

Using pension savings to purchase a commercial property to “leaseback” to a company, is often a useful way to provide that company with a welcome cash injection.

Using pension savings to avoid future tax liabilities on commercial property

Limited companies may be liable to a Corporation Tax bill when selling commercial property. Similarly, an individual may incur a Capital Gains Tax (CGT) liability on corresponding gains.

Defining the benefits of DB transfers: members and families

Following the introduction of ‘Pension Freedoms’ in 2015, we examine whether members of Money Purchase schemes should choose to transfer from defined benefit occupational pension schemes. Let us introduce you to John and Sarah.

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