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Briefings: Archive

An introduction to Liability Driven Investment

A short introduction to Liability Driven Investment (LDI) for trustees of defined benefit pension schemes

Successful Investment Strategy

A robust investment strategy for a pension fund does not happen overnight. It requires careful planning within a structured process. But trustees needn’t worry about doing that alone.

Multi Asset Credit

Reviewing your credit exposure – is it time to consider a multi-asset approach? The answer, it appears, depends who you ask.

Inflation or Deflation – which should we fear the most?

Ever since ‘Western’ central banks launched Quantitative Easing (QE) programmes in 2008 many commentators have feared the natural endgame is a period of high inflation, if not outright hyperinflation.

The price is right - Gilt-y questions for UK pension funds

Over the past two years pension schemes have been faced with the challenge of gilt yields at record lows.

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