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Briefings: Archive

Property: Is it time for pension schemes to take the next step on the property ladder?

As more of the property market opens up to investments, property should remain an important part of pension scheme’s strategies.

Investment Insights - Expanding the toolkit: Buy-ins

We consider if bulk annuity purchases should be of interest to a wider group of schemes. Whilst there were 132 transactions in 2017, this is still small compared to the 5,700 UK DB pension schemes. Are these other 5,500 schemes missing a trick, or does bulk annuity purchase still only make sense in a small minority of cases?

Investment Insights: Governance

In this paper we demonstrate the importance of governance and explain how taking the time to ensure you have strong governance in place will bring real benefits.

Investment Insights - Equities

We consider the outlook for equities over the long term and the short term, before considering the options available to investors concerned that equities may be due a fall.

Investment Insights: Inflation

Are we seeing inflation being driven upwards by economic drivers rather than by policy-makers? In this paper we investigate whether the recent heightened level of inflation is expected to stay and what the investment options are for pension schemes that wish to protect against such a scenario.

Investment Insights: the cashflow conundrum

This paper looks at how much weight should be given to 'meeting cashflows' when designing an investment portfolio and if there are specific features cashflow negative schemes (i.e. schemes where outgoes exceed income) should look for in their investments.

How to survive the EU referendum?

Policymakers have played an increasing role in the direction of investment markets over recent years - arguably the most significant for UK pension schemes in 2016 is the upcoming vote on whether the UK should remain part of the EU.

LDI in 2016: Navigating your way through the hedging maze

In the latest issue of Investment Insights, we look at how the Liability Driven Investment (LDI) market, which has expanded significantly over the last five years, has become a topic that features on the agenda for many of our clients.

Lessons learned from the 'market turmoil' of the third quarter

The third quarter of 2015 seems to have brought a stream of shrill headlines from writers about falls in risky assets, an increase in volatility across most asset classes and increasing signs of a significant slowdown in China.

Alternative Asset Classes

The purpose of this quarter’s Investment Insights is to consider the alternatives market and assess what, if any, role alternative assets could play within a pension scheme’s portfolio

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