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Briefings: Archive

Consulting on Fair Deal in the LGPS

The LGPS has been waiting since 2013 for New Fair Deal to be enshrined into its regulations. Following an earlier consultation and subsequent rejection of the proposals, this new consultation proposes a different way forward.

Pensions Update for Universities - Spring 2015

Pensions remain at the forefront of discussions, with changes to the USS, LGPS and TPS potentially resulting in universities conducting significant reviews of their overall benefit provision. Our latest update includes this and more.

Technical Consultation on Local Government Pension Scheme Rules

In this briefing note we take a look at the consultation, comment on the questions posed by DCLG and provide some suggestions for further regulatory changes.

Proposed employer cost cap

On the face of it, the cost of providing public sector pensions seems to never stop increasing, with arguably the majority of the risk of any additional cost falling on the taxpayer rather than the Scheme member. Read more in our latest briefing.

Governance Guidance for England and Wales

Running on a parallel fast track, draft governance guidance emerged from the design shed of the Shadow Scheme Advisory Board (SSAB) to support and join the draft LGPS governance regulations Mark 2. Our briefing note reflects on the guidance.

Consultation on better governance and improved accountability in the LGPS

As we continue on the journey toward 1 April 2015 and the commencement of the new LGPS governance regime, in this briefing note we take a look at Mark 2 of the governance regulations which has now left the engine shed for further consultation

All aboard the governance train

The ‘Hutton Report’ set in train a change of governance regime for public sector pension funds. The first destination date of 1 April 2015 is fast approaching just around the bend, but where is the train on its journey and when might it arrive?

Cessation Valuations and Contribution Certificates - some tweaks required?

In this briefing note, we look at what we believe administering authorities and employers would like to be able to do in dealing with outstanding employer liabilities at exit, what the regulations may allow, and what the solution may be.

University Newsletter Spring 2013

In this issue we cover the Charity Commission’s draft guidance on Charities’ investment strategies, the results of our annual university pensions accounting disclosure survey, and forthcoming changes to the pension tax regime.

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