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Briefings: Archive

Spotlight on Longevity

The slowing of mortality improvements in the UK in recent years has been widely discussed. In this Spotlight we compare recent mortality in the UK to a large number of European countries.

Spotlight on Longevity March 2014: Mortality improvements for insurance and pensioner portfolios

We analyse historical mortality improvements for pension schemes and the general population and find that recent improvements have been higher for pension schemes.

Spotlight on Longevity October 2013: An evolving view of the accuracy of high-age population estimates

An evolving view of the accuracy of high-age population estimates. Higher than expected deaths of the very elderly in 2012 have eased previous concerns over the accuracy of population estimates from the 2011 Census.

Spotlight on Longevity May 2013: Seasonal mortality

Significant seasonal variation in mortality is commonly observed in England and Wales population data. Such features, and their trend over time, have important implications for mortality analyses.

Spotlight on Longevity February 2013: High-age mortality convergence

Significant variations in mortality are often observed at working ages for different subgroups of a population.

Spotlight on Longevity December 2012: Update on revised population estimates

The 2011 Census led to a significant reduction in population estimates at high ages (80+). Our latest Spotlight provides an update on revised population estimates.

Spotlight on Longevity November 2012: Mortality trends by cause of death

This Spotlight analyses the trends by cause over the last decade and looks ahead at where this is material scope for further gains and the key drivers for future improvements.

Spotlight on Longevity September 2012: How does the 2011 Census change our view of population mortality at high ages?

Population mortality rates are a key reference for the study of high-age (90+) mortality as individual pension scheme and insurance datasets become too sparse and unreliable at those ages.

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