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Briefings: Archive

Planning for your DB pension endgame

TPR has recently increased its focus on the endgame of UK DB pension schemes. This briefing note explores how companies paying higher dividends than deficit contributions should expect more of a challenge on this from their trustees and the Regulator.

The DB pension transfer process

Transferring from a DB scheme is a major decision for members and there are many factors that should be taken into account. Simon Taylor, Partner offers advice to these members to understand their transfer options.

Actuarial Valuations in 2015 – Issues for Employers

The 2015 actuarial valuation will be the first to take place against the backdrop of The Pensions Regulator’s new objective regarding sustainable growth for employers that sponsor DB schemes and its recent guidance on how it will monitor funding.

Single Tier State Pension

First announced at the start of 2013, the proposed reform of the UK state pension system has been accelerated by the Government and is now due to take effect from April 2016.

Deflation – Impact on DB scheme sponsors

The latest published inflation statistics show that inflation has now fallen below zero over the 12 months to March 2015 (as measured by CPI) and RPI falling to 0.9%.

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