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Briefings: September 2018 Archive

Choosing the right mortality table for your Fund

Longevity is a topic of significant importance to defined benefit pension schemes and their actuaries. What can we learn from the latest research, what does it all mean for LGPS Funds - and why on earth does it have anything to do with shopping for shoes?

Our analysis of AA and LTA survey 2018

High earners could find themselves footing large tax bills as a result of reduced pensions annual allowance (AA) and llfetime allowance (LTA).

PATHways 91 - Pension Administration Technical Help

Our 91st edition of PATHways highlights pensions news and legislation that has particular relevance to what we do in pension administration.

Insurer valuation of equity release mortgages

Will recently proposed regulatory changes in respect of equity release mortgages affect the solvency of insurers?

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