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Suspect SSASs - and will banning transfers stop the scammers?

SSASs have been used as a pension vehicle for scammers in the past, but the issue is largely dealt with and certainly there are not 750,000 problem schemes out there, as implied by The Pensions Regulator.

Will base rate reduction yield cheaper borrowing from SSASs?

Following a cut in base rate on 4 August for the first time since March 2009, we ask whether companies can now borrow more cheaply from SSASs as the minimum interest rate set by HM Revenue & Customs is linked to base rate?

Taxation of Pensions Act 2014

The new pension freedoms are now part of UK legislation, with the Taxation of Pensions Act 2014 receiving Royal Assent on 17 December 2014. Here’s a quick helicopter view of the 78 pages of legislation.

5 reasons why your pension fund is not like your bank account

The pension freedoms announced by George Osborne come with the option to draw money straight out of your pension savings. This has led to commentators (and Government?) likening pensions to a bank account, with some going so far as comparing them to withdrawals from a cash machine.

Pension Freedoms pressing ahead following Autumn Statement

Andrew Roberts looks at how today's Autumn Statement affects Self Invested Pensions.

Are you being targeted for investment fraud?

Had a cold call about a bamboo fund, or a text message about investing in carbon credits? Read more to find out what you should be doing if you have.

Budget 2014 – Surprise pension freedoms announced

The Chancellor surprised us all by allowing unlimited access to pension pots in retirement. This level of flexibility will be attractive to both savers and those already in drawdown.

Unprecedented level of flexibility for pension savers

Andrew Roberts comments on pension drawdown measures outlined in today’s Budget and the impact these measure will have.


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