Easy, secure access to your pension scheme information online

Times are changing and increasingly, we all expect answers and detailed responses without delay.  It is becoming the norm to correspond electronically,  most often using a mobile device to facilitate fast, immediate access to information.

In this culture of connectivity we require all of our information to be at our fingertips all of the time, and this includes access to pension scheme information.

There is clear evidence to suggest that providing online access helps with member engagement and promotes the effective running of an occupational pension scheme. BWebstream, the integrated online portal that our in-house software team developed, is an innovative tool that provides exactly this type of immediate access.

The online portal is available for the following groups to use:

Scheme members

Providing a secure and easy to use site for members to access on a variety of mobile devices is of paramount importance.  Once registered, they can view their scheme benefits, change address information and read scheme information.


Immediate access to scheme documents, including historic deeds and booklets, as well as meeting packs for forthcoming meetings can save time and often means less to carry!

HR/Payroll team

Access to real time data with the opportunity of running an estimate of the member’s retirement benefits provides clear and efficient information to the HR team.  Exchanging information with the pension administration team is simple, secure and efficient.

How does this work for your scheme?

We are seeing an increasing number of clients signing up to BWebstream as our service meets the growing expectations of scheme members and trustees, such as:

  • central storage of all scheme documents
  • scheme members able to view and update their information
  • HR teams able to immediately access employees information
  • up-to-date legislative changes
  • efficiency in running calculations

BWebstream is one of the various online tools we have available – Illuminate is designed to help trustees and employers make informed decisions about scheme funding, Me2 is our member engagement portal and GEM (governance, engagement, monitoring) is our pension analytical tool.

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