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Blog: Auto-enrolment audit

Will the Treasury ever be persuaded to scrap the Lifetime Allowance?

In a Budget remarkable for its lack of attention to pensions, Malcolm McLean explores the government's promise to implement an inflation-linked increase to the LTA.

Top Ten Tips to prevent the real headache of re-enrolment

At a time when finance, HR and payroll departments are already stretched it will be time to go through the auto-enrolment process again and re-enrol those not in a pension arrangement. We offer our Top Ten Tips to ensuring compliance going forward.

AE - an employer's viewpoint

This week the Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) published their Automatic Enrolment evaluation report , which painted a relatively positive picture of the delivery of auto-enrolment.

The Workie in the room

The Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) have launched an advertising campaign today, warning small employers not to ignore auto-enrolment.

Are you certain of AE compliance?

As some of the largest employers have now reached their three year anniversary, we are finding that some initial assumptions around the capability of the larger employers to deal with auto-enrolment have not been correct.

What about Auto-Enrolment Awareness day?!

Today is Pensions Awareness Day. Its primary aim is around the importance of saving for the future, and is designed to make people more aware of pensions, why they need them and to answer many of the questions people have.

Is your auto-enrolment scheme compliant with TPR regulations?

Much of the emphasis with respect to auto-enrolment in recent times has been on ensuring that employers approaching auto-enrolment are fully prepared for their staging date. Whilst this is necessary it is important that employers who have been through the process can be sure that they are complying.

NI increase spurs employers to action

Our recent survey on the end of contracting-out reveals over half of employers who have considered the changes will take action to reduce costs. Read more in our latest blog.

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Will the 'political earthquake' result in a seismic shift for pensions?

The surprise result of this election was that there was a result. While David Cameron had – publicly at least – been confident his party could win a majority, many doubted him. Like Paddy Ashdown, the pollsters are left eating their hats.

Pensions tax relief – an endangered species

Whoever wins the election on 7 May, higher-rate taxpayers are likely to lose out from a pension perspective. Whether it’s a red dawn or some other hue, one thing is clear – pensions tax relief is in for a hammering.


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