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Blog: December 2016 Archive

PPF reveals further fall in contingent funding arrangements

The PPF’s latest Purple Book reveals a fall in PPF-compliant contingent assets, driven by the PPF’s more robust approach to certification. Alternative approaches to reducing risk include security over assets and cash contributions.

2016 in review: the highs and lows of pensions

In recent years there have been some monumental changes in UK pensions policy. Throughout 2016 we have seen a continuation of these policies and the emergence of a new pensions landscape, but not all of the changes have been unqualified successes.

Pension Saving Statement: everything you need to know

In this blog we explain why you have might have received a Pension Savings Statement from us, in our capacity as the Scheme Administrator of your SIPP or SSAS, what it's for and what you might need to do next.

Autumn statement 2016 in review: insurance premium tax

For the third consecutive budget and autumn statement the chancellor has announced an increase to insurance premium tax - this time raising the level from 10% to 12% - meaning that the rate of insurance premium tax has doubled in the past 18 months.

Government proposes method for equalising GMPs

Formerly contracted-out schemes could see an increase in liabilities as a result of equalising for GMPs. We consider the government’s proposed approach.

Autumn statement 2016 in review: the impact on pensions

When it came to the detail on pensions, the autumn statement was a quiet one for a change, although we would caution that one measure in particular could prove significant when it comes to taking benefits.

Contracting-out and the new state pension

The part of the new state pension scheme that seems to attract most criticism from those affected, is the deduction that has to be made to the starting level of their pension in its first year (2016/17) to take account of past periods of contracting-out.

A squeeze on HMRC resources as the GMP reconciliation deadline approaches?

With the December 2018 deadline for reconciling GMPs looming, HMRC are seeing a massive increase in the number of SRS queries, so it's understandable that there may be a squeeze on their resources. But what impact will this have on the pensions industry?


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