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Blog: August 2015 Archive

All change in the bulk annuity market

It has been a busy few months in the bulk annuity market with some new providers preparing to join and others announcing their intention to merge. Read more in our latest blog.

Ten key issues for employers facing pension scheme valuations in 2015

Employers sponsoring schemes with valuation dates in 2015 will face further pressure in respect of additional deficit funding. We take a look at the key issues employers should consider as part of a formal valuation process.

Easy, secure access to your pension scheme information online

Companies, scheme members and trustees are able to view pension scheme information using the BWebstream online portal giving real time access anytime, anywhere.

Exit Payment Cap - your questions answered

We advise over 600 pension schemes including 23 Local Government Pension Scheme Funds (“LGPS Funds”) which is around 25% of all LGPS Funds. We also advise a number of organisations that participate in the LGPS or other public service schemes.

Raise the alarm! The worrying rise in antimicrobial resistance

Rewind to 1900 and infectious diseases were the second biggest cause of death in England and Wales. By 1960, deaths from infectious diseases were all but eradicated.

Noise induced hearing loss – curbing the compensation culture

Noise induced hearing loss claims are overtaking asbestos-related claims as the number one burden on insurers’ books. The Association of British insurers has released a report discussing the latest issues.

Productivity: the challenge of our time?

Chancellor George Osborne recently described low productivity in the UK as the 'challenge of our time' and the Governor of the Bank of England Mark Carney has also commented on productivity being key to our economic recovery.

Is your auto-enrolment scheme compliant with TPR regulations?

Much of the emphasis with respect to auto-enrolment in recent times has been on ensuring that employers approaching auto-enrolment are fully prepared for their staging date. Whilst this is necessary it is important that employers who have been through the process can be sure that they are complying.

Regulator’s guidance to help trustees assess covenant

The Pensions Regulator has published new guidance for trustees on monitoring and assessing the employer covenant. This practical resource will help trustees understand the support given by employers to their pension schemes.

Private Medical Insurance: Employee vs Dependant Claims

Recently a new issue which effects many companies has become apparent and one that we believe we have found an innovative solution for - employee vs dependant claims.


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