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Blog: April 2015 Archive

Have you minimised your PPF levy?

Although the main deadline for the 2015/16 PPF levy has now passed, employers and trustees should be aware that the PPF’s information collection process does not end until 30 June 2015, and that there are further actions that can be taken to reduce PPF levies before invoicing starts later this year.

Solvency II briefing for NEDs (and everyone else)

On 19 March the PRA held a briefing session on the role of NEDs in an internal model firm. As well as providing useful considerations for NEDs, the session included an update on Solvency II topics which are relevant for all insurers.

Pensions tax relief – an endangered species

Whoever wins the election on 7 May, higher-rate taxpayers are likely to lose out from a pension perspective. Whether it’s a red dawn or some other hue, one thing is clear – pensions tax relief is in for a hammering.

Big schemes dispense with longevity risk in deficit challenge

Many pension innovations stem from big schemes and work their way through to smaller schemes as the strategies become more refined and accessible. Our latest research explores this in more detail.

Anyone got a paddle?

EIOPA’s Discussion Paper on Infrastructure Investments by Insurers is a cry for help to get it out of a political hole. This blog explores their perilous position.

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Saturday releases??

The PRA released its latest Solvency II: Matching Adjustment letter on Saturday 28 March 2015. As might be suspected by the release date, the contents do not make pretty reading for those going through the application process.

FCA Business Plan 2015/16
FCA Business Plan 2015/16

Last week, the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) published its business plan for the year 2015/16. In this blog, we summarise the FCA risk outlook, how the insurance sector is impacted by the FCA’s upcoming activities and look at relevant studies.

VAT on pension costs – part 2

HMRC has been busy behind the scenes holding an 'informal consultation' on the issue of employers reclaiming VAT on pension scheme costs, and has now given the industry a glimpse of a partial solution.

Solvency II updates – exemptions and approvals

Prudential Regulation Authority (PRA) recently published a whopping 15 Solvency II related supervisory statements. Among these were statements on applying for exemptions and other approvals. We look at the key points from both statements.


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