Our award-winning risk advisory and analytics team is comprised of global leaders in crisis management with extensive experience and knowledge of both public and private sectors.

Our consultants have wide-ranging skills and can work with you on short-term projects as well as long-term secondments to build resilience, mitigate risk and improve the crisis-readiness of our clients in an effective and proportionate manner.

The business continuity services we can help you with comprise five key areas. Expand the sections to discover more:

Designed for organisations looking to assess their ability to respond effectively to crises. 

Our readiness assessment provides a full review of the current state of resilience for a business and is ideal for those businesses trying to understand how resilient they are and what investment is required to take them to the next level.

Based on international best practice and guidelines, including ISO 22301 (business continuity), ISO 22316 (organisational resilience) and BS 11200 (crisis management), the assessment looks at current documentation and internal processes, plus awareness and competency of staff.

At the end of the assessment, your business will be provided with a report detailing recommendations and actions for improvement as well as a score benchmarked against industry averages.

Ideal for businesses looking to bring in expert external support to develop their internal plans and processes. 

Our Business continuity maintenance contract is a twelve-month service that develops your documentation and plans, and trains all staff to an agreed level.

Once a plan has been implemented, your Barnett Waddingham resilience professionals will carry out a table top exercise to put your staff through their paces. We will ensure processes are set up and implemented in order to manage your business continuity using experienced and qualified professionals with real world experience.

After the first twelve months, a sustainable system will be put in place that can be managed by the business with your Barnett Waddingham resilience professionals moving to a training and testing role.

For businesses looking to write either a business continuity plan (BCP) from scratch or to update an existing one.

Barnett Waddingham resilience professionals have developed a unique approach to BCP after working with clients around the world and studying best practice from their response. This approach provides a basis for a company to develop their own individualised plan.

We will provide support throughout the development of the BCP, including writing sections, reviewing the document and answering questions.

At the end of this process, your business will have a new BCP in place that is linked directly to how your company operates. The BCP will then be ready for testing and validating through a table-top exercise to ensure that it contains everything necessary to respond to any disruption.

We will work with you to develop emergency response plans that cover how to respond to specific threats and scenarios for your business. 

These plans will be based around industry best practice and relevant regulations relating to business response to emergency situations.

An exercise providing the ideal opportunity to test the resilience of your crisis team and the robustness of your plans.

Using award-winning crisis simulation exercises (CSE) designed by our resilience professionals, we provide the ideal opportunity to test the resilience of your crisis team and the robustness of your plans. Our exercises are delivered by coaches with proven operational and technical experience in business continuity, crisis management and emergency response. As part of the CSE, we will review your current documentation and examine the competency of your crisis command team.

There are three tiers of exercises available:

  • Level 1 – Fully coached
  • Level 2 – An exercise designed to test current place and competency
  • Level 3 – A fully bespoke crisis that targets specific weaknesses in your business

Once an exercise has been completed, our coaches will produce a follow-up report highlighting the key recommendations required for a more robust plan.

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